Women Tik Tok Waist Trainer : Charmian Women’s Latex Underbust Waist Training Steel Boned Shapewear Corset



Women Tik Tok Waist Trainer : Charmian Women’s Latex Underbust Waist Training Steel Boned Shapewear Corset

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Sport Waist TrainerSport Waist Trainer

Life is Movement. How to strive to live if we don’t have a healthy body? Life needs waist trainer everywhere. You can see someone use it in the office, fitness, wedding, postpartum, gym and so on. A waist trainer is the helper of a healthy life. Maybe someone will ask why you say this? Let us tell you how beneficial the waist trainer is.

It helps cutting extra weight off by boosting thermogenic activity and sweating, accordingly eliminate toxins.
High compression latex material gives you perfect body curves, instantly reduces your waistline in 2-4 inches.
Having your stomach squeezed will make you feel full faster. Compress the abdomen, reduce appetite, and effectively control diet.
Flatten your stomach, make it smooth and flat, looks good like no love handles when you wear other clothes.
Improve posture and make your back straight, chin up and chest out, release lumbar and back pain, strengthen your core muscles, develop good habits.
Accelerate the calorie-burning process, tummy control, weight loss, and promote postpartum waist recovery.
Maintain muscle warmth and support to prevent fatigue and injury after exercise.

Movement permeates all aspects of life. No matter where or what time, you can wear a waist trainer to do anything. No matter what your purpose or idea, we recommend that you add waist training to your fitness plan. Life goes on, catch the opportunity to embrace your healthy life!

High Comprerssion Latex FabricHigh Comprerssion Latex Fabric

Based on High-Quality Material

Core: Made of 100% natural rubber, has the characteristic of resilience, insulation, water resistance, plasticity. It is smooth, comfortable, close-fitting, also can be worn inside and outside, good elasticity, not easy to wrinkle.

Lining: Cotton 96% Spandex 4%, no hurt to the skin and soft, give you comfortable feeling.

Both materials supplement each other, a high compression force will make your body obtain support and flatten tummy fat.

Spot Point of Latex Waist Trainer Vest

Spiral Steel Bones

Spiral Steel Bones

U Type Anti-sagging Breast Design

U Type Anti-sagging Breast Design

Hook and Eye Closure

Hook and Eye Closure

9 Flexible & Durable Spiral Steel Bones

Can be bend easily but recover quickly to origin
Tissues and muscles need oxygen, especially during exercise. So we use flexible spiral steel bones for more freedom of movement.
The exquisite technique, tight stitching trim wrap spiral steel bones, which is not easy to slip out.

U-Type Anti-Sagging Breast Design

The U-shaped design fits the body structure, supports the breast, and prevents sagging of the breast, control armpit flabby fat effectively.
Comfortable shoulder straps are helpful to lift and fix the breasts so that the breasts will not be shaken when the body is moving and make it look good and beautiful.

3 Rows of Hook and Eye Closure

Easily adjust the size, perfect fit your body
Instantly shape your body, make you keep tight fit to achieve a long-lasting waist training effect

Achieve Hourglass ShapeAchieve Hourglass Shape

Make Small Improvements Day after Day

A waist trainer can make your waist slim more 2-4 inches instantly, but if you want to see progressive change, long-lasting persistence will let you see the result. Combining with a reasonable daily diet and exercise, you will become a brand new, and healthy self. Welcome to change yourself day by day with us together! You will find the miracle-like changes. We are looking forward to it!

FAQ of Waist TrainerFAQ of Waist Trainer

We collect some questions that most people confused with a waist trainer. Now we will give you answer and suggestion. We recommend you don’t pull it too tight, adjust the tightness you can accept. Then it won’t appear a negative influence on your health. We hope these will help you know more details to use a waist trainer and help you achieve an hourglass shape. Willing to see your successful share!

We provide different waist trainer for various demands. Please click below title to know more details.


33.99 – 35.99


22.99 – 23.99

21.09 – 23.09


9 Spiral Steel Bones

8 X-shape Steel Bones+5 Straight Steel Bones

8 X-shape Steel Bones+5 Straight Steel Bones

6 Acrylic Bones


3 Rows Hook and Eye Closure +Zipper+ Double Velcro Closure

4 Rows Hook and Eye Closure + Double Velcro Closure

4 Rows Hook and Eye Closure + Double Velcro Closure

3 Rows Hook and Eye Closure +Zipper+ Adjustable Velcro Closure

Breathable Material




Black, Grey

Black, Grey

Hook and Eye closure
Please check our size chart on the each color’s left size pictures, instead of amazon size chart; Choose the size based on your waist size; This is not US size, please don’t compare with general clothes’s size
Womens latex waist trainer vest; Spiral steel boned for waist cincher support and keep you in best posture which is flexible and durable, as soft as plastic bones, can bend easily but recover quickly to origin; If you worried about steel boned or not, you can test it with a magnet
Steel boned waist cincher underbust corset, help for tummy control or hourglass shape, front with 3 rows of hook and eye closure to keep a tight fit, around your waist to achieve long lasting waist training effect of lose weight
High compression latex shapewear great for pregnant women postpartum tummy control, also, it works for sports fans as a running sport gym outfit, whatever you are long torso or short torso, take this body shapers as your clothing under t-shirt, it helps to reduce at least 2 inches in waist
Wearing tips: you need to shrink your belly before wearing this trainer corset, and it’s a best choice to wear with other people’s help when the waist trainer is so tight; Washing tips: hand wash separately in cold water, do not use machine

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